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We're insane in our love for design (and certain tv shows!)

web designWhy take your Internet presence any less seriously? Your Web site is your calling card. At Evolve, we can provide anything from the simplest informational site to the most complex e-business system with style and sophistication to meet your needs and those of your audiences.

Evolve specializes in web design, focusing on cutting edge websites with style, interactive Flash animation, high end multimedia, and robust database applications. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Evolve delivers top quality business and e-commerce website solutions.

We design, deploy and manage websites of the highest quality for forward-thinking clients that demand a return on their internet solutions investment. Evolve can measurably drive sales, reduce costs, improve communication and enable a higher level of collaboration between you and your customers.


Evolve can output business presentations on laptop, web, or CD-ROM, from a single disk to an unlimited number of disks. We will create a new website or redesign an existing under-performing website and add dynamic interactivity to make the user experience a memorable one.

All of our designs build new site architecture, develop new graphical elements, and optimize the user experience and make your site attractive and easy to navigate. Our designs are Formatted for Macintosh and PC and they are cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. (can you say that 5 times real fast?)

Database Development

Go beyond that simple e-commerce application or content management system, and find the true power of the Web! We have extensive experience building corporate intranets, electronic newsletter systems, file transfer applications, online learning modules, or even building entire portal communities. Whatever interactive needs your business craves, we can handle it. We offer top-notch consulting to determine your exact needs, and to see just how we can help you and your business reach more customers, offer value added services or even increase your profit margin.

Application Programming

Evolve develops dynamic content and databases to store your information, often using PHP and MySQL but capable of using any standard technology. Our programmers develop the rich dynamic content that database driven websites demand.

How do we do this?
Our designers and developers work as a team to identify your needs and design an action plans to seamlessly integrate the strategy into the design process.

How can this help you?
Dynamic content rich websites will drive your company in the direction you have dreamed about. Dynamic content collects the vital information about your visitors and calculating the strategies to make them benefit your bottom line.

Do you need this for your website?
If you have a basic information website you might not need this type of development. If your project calls for collecting information, credit card processes and database calculations, then you are in need of a Evolve strategy. We will provide the consultations for your company to make your project a success.


Has your company discovered the secrets of E-Commerce success?

Companies all over the world are using the Internet to sell products and services to millions of customers. While any site with a shopping cart can be said to be doing E-commerce, few companies effectively harness its power.

The 4 Most Effective Uses of E-commerce by Small Businesses

E-Commerce web sites come in so many forms that it can be difficult for the small business owner to determine which types will contribute most to the growth of their business.

Evolve has the expertise to enable you to maximize the four most effective types of E-Commerce for small businesses, which are:

  • Selling Hard Goods
  • Selling Services
  • Online Registration Forms
  • A/R Automation